Dr. Leah Reiff-Herr of Blue Skies Chiropractic:

“This is my Chiropractor. She’s the best. Ever. If you’re experience any chronic discomfort from exercise, an accident, pregnancy, or just pain in general, chiropractic care may be the solution for you. I can finally run without pain and was provided immediate relief from a neck injury.” –Jamie F.

“I recently pulled a muscle in my back and needed the help of a chiropractor. I have known Dr. Leah Reiff as a colleague for several years and had wanted to try her services, but of course I kept procrastinating until I injured myself.  Having lived in several states, including California, Vermont, and Pennsylvania I have used several different chiropractors. Dr. Leah Reiff’s service was, far and away, the best experience I have had with a chiropractor.  Not only was my back immediately better (before my first visit I couldn’t roll over in bed without a painful spasm) but she spent a lot of time explaining to me what was wrong and what she was going to do for my treatment. She gave me a handout describing my injury and even called me the next day to see how I was doing! That has never happened for me at any other chiropractor.  I highly recommend her. She is thorough, has great bedside manner, and she can help you heal faster. In the past I have occasionally delayed visiting a chiropractor when I knew I needed help, but my experience with Dr. Leah has made me realize that good chiropractic care can help you not only heal faster but also identify and treat other issues before they become bigger problems.”  Suzanne Weaver-Goss M.Ed. C.H.H.C.

“I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Leah!  I have gone to other chiropractors and felt that they beat me up.  I could feel and hear all my bones being cracked.  I would hold my breath with anxiety – hoping they wouldn’t break my neck.  Dr. Leah is a lovely lady who is so personable, sweet, and gentle. I could not help but like her, though I was still skeptical. To my great surprise and relief, she used a tool that gently put my vertebrae back into place without cracking all my bones!  I always leave her office feeling physically, mentally and soulfully better! Thanks Dr. Leah” –Deb S.

“Thanks to Dr Leah Reiff for fixing my back after yrs of bad form in a traditional gym, and the coaches at Crossfit Uncompromised for teaching me the right way to lift, I’m able to do heavy deadlifts and wake up this morning without feeling like I’m gonna break in half!!! My back is stronger now then ever….thanks guys!!” –Rod F.

Susanne Spurlock, Counselor

“Hi Susanne – I’m not sure what you said to [son] but whatever it was – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU……It’s like we have our son back…..He’s been so pleasant, so helpful, and so talkative since we met with you almost two weeks ago….What a difference it’s made in our home…..I just wanted to give you that feedback and tell you that you do amazing work..!!!!!” –Jamie

“Dear Susanne, I was a client of yours about one year ago. You helped me tremendously with my health situation. Due to your suggestions, I have been able to keep my weight under control & my self esteem is better today than it has ever been. Thank you and happy wellness!” –Karen

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in saving our marriage. My husband and I thought things were over for us until we met with you. Your sound advice and the techniques you taught us to better our communication skills helped so much. We still get a kick out of role playing from time to time.” –Pam

“I would absolutely LOVE to recommend you to everyone!  …I have no hesitation in a recommendation for Susanne Umiker Spurlock for counseling services.  Susanne is a creative problem solver, always cheerful and dependable, and communicates her ideas clearly.  She has helped me so much in my struggles and hits the nail on the head each time in the way she describes things to me and has helped me so much become a better person.  I give her the highest recommendation without hesitation.” –Staci