You might be asking yourself, how does chiropractic care benefit my daily life?  First, chiropractors are trained to diagnose any kind of problem with the nervous system.  It’s the nervous system, commanded by the brain, which controls everything from keeping our heart beating to mixing up the hormones and neural pathways that become our complex thoughts and emotions.  Since chiropractic improves all these basic functions, here are some ways it can improve your everyday activities:

1. Decrease pain and increase flexibility. 

When something is structurally out of place it puts pressure on the nerves, which causes pain and keeps your muscles from moving properly.  A chiropractic adjustment removes this pressure, allowing the nerve to supply the appropriate muscles so it can move properly.

2.  Increased energy, less fatigue. 

Since it takes more energy for a muscle to be tight, the tension disappears when the chiropractic adjustment removes what was making the muscle work overtime.

3.  Better body awareness

One of the many jobs nerves have is to send signals to the brain to let us know where we are and how we’re moving in order to stay balanced and avoid tripping over our own feet.  This is improved when a chiropractor removes restrictions on the nerve supply.

4.  Improved healing: get sick less often and bounce back faster. 

This happens because it’s the nervous system that tells the immune system what to do.  When the nerves are functioning properly, the immune system can fight off the bugs which cause illness and you get sick less.

5.  Mental and emotional clarity.

The brain has the awesome ability to regulate everything going on in the body.  It can handle quite a lot!  Yet when the stress piles up, the brain doesn’t function as well as it should.  Chiropractic care opens pathways to the brain, making sure it gets all the nourishment it needs through oxygen and nerve stimuli so you can think clearly.

Be well!

Leah Reiff, D.C.

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