Nutrition plays a huge part in weight loss and we do both.
If you have been trying to lose weight and it just won’t come off you will love this program, the weight just falls off, and the best part is that this fat comes off with little hunger. The emphasis of our site is losing weight and keeping it off through encouragement and accountability.
Statistics show that 85% of Americans are overweight with 65% in the obese category. Many are considering surgery, gastric bi-pass or living on diet pills. At Free 2 B Me you will be amazed at how fast your pounds will come off naturally. It is extremely FAST, SAFE, very EFFECTIVE and SIMPLE to follow, losing up to 20 pounds in 20 days. And you don’t have to live close, we have clients all over the country getting the same results.

Stephany Molenko-Baughman is certified in Nutritional Therapy, Advanced Weight
Loss and Sports and Exercise Nutrition. She is the owner of Free 2 B Me LLC a health
and wellness center. She offers one on one personal coaching and virtual
consultations for those seeing a healthier lifestyle, weight loss or nutritional therapy
or nutritional training for a sports event or competition. She also offers cooking
classes for one or a group, personal chef work and is currently working on a
cookbook which will be published this year.



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